Villa man turns over firearm allegedly used in assault against him, while Sutherlands break-in nets thief only a pair of pants

An incident of assault that involves a firearm is under investigation by the Police.

Sources say that a man reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) that he had been assaulted by a Hodges Bay resident with a gun, in the early-morning hours of July 25, at Amy Byers Street, Villa.

Allegations are that the Hodges Bay man attacked the Villa resident in front of his home. In the ensuing struggle, the alleged assailant pulled a gun, but the victim was able to disarm him of the weapon.

Reports are that a .32 revolver, with six rounds of ammunition, was subsequently handed over to the Police by the victim.

Investigations into this matter continue.

Meanwhile, officers are investigating a break-in in Sutherlands, during which a pair of trousers, valued at $45, were stolen.

Reports say a Sutherlands residents awoke to find a male intruder in her home.

The woman is said to have secured her house before going to bed at 9 p.m. and was awakened at about midnight by a sound coming from her kitchen.

It is reported that she peeped out of her bedroom and saw an unknown man, clad in a vest and shorts, inside her home. She then quickly closed the door and shouted to her neighbour to call the Police.

Officers have ascertained that the man used his foot to break open a wooden kitchen door and gain entry to the house, after which he stole the khaki pants.

This offence reportedly occurred on Monday, July 25, at Sutherlands.