The people will not be deceived by Browne Administration’s rush-through of election projects, says Senator Tabor

Senator Damani Tabor is condemning the Gaston Browne Administration for its last-minute attempts to rush through several programmes on the eve of the general elections.

At present, several major roadways are being patched, fences are being repaired, infrastructure is being put in place, houses are under construction, and water tanks are being distributed across Antigua.

While these are projects that should have been undertaken over four years ago, the Antigua Labour Party Government makes no apology for failing to undertake them earlier, says Works Minister Lennox Weston.

Leaving things undone and then engaging in a flurry of activity in the lead-up to the polls is simply part of the Administration’s strategy, he said in a recent radio interview.

But Senator Tabor says these rush jobs are not satisfactory and the people will no longer be deceived by them.

Tabor, Public Relations Officer for the United Progressive Party, says the UPP will do a better job of running the country and of ensuring that the people benefit from its plans and programmes.  

He reminds residents that the Labour Party Administration has embarked on many ventures during its eight-year tenure and most of these have failed or failed to materialize.

Accordingly, Tabor says, the last-minute rush will not make up for these broken promises.