Condition of national facilities is cause for Sports Minister to resign and a contributing factor to youth crime, Tabor says

The condition of the country’s sports facilities – especially the run-
down YMCA – has prompted Damani Tabor to call for
resignation of Daryl Matthew, the government minister responsible
for sports.

Tabor, the public relations officer for the United Progressive Party
(UPP), says he is appalled at the Browne Administration’s level of
interest – or lack thereof – in keeping the various sporting facilities
in top shape.

And he notes that there has been a general decline in sports, along
with the abuse of athletes, by the Antigua Labour Party Government.
For instance, Tabor refers to the situation at the Sir Vivian Richards
Cricket Ground, which is being impacted severely by the dust from a
nearby Chinese cement plant. The lighting fixtures at the stadium, he
charges, are being destroyed.

Further, the UPP officer says, the Browne Administration continues
to disrespect and disregard local athletes through inadequate
financial support.

According to Tabor, the decline in sports can be considered a
contributing factor to the recent increase in crime among youth.
However, he believes that a strong, well implemented sports policy
could be the answer to a reduction in violence and criminal activity
among the Nation’s young people.