Lovell urges Gov’t to stop competing against private-sector and says UPP will offer ‘incentive packages’ to local business groups

Stop competing with the private sector and allow it to become the engine of growth for the economy, Harold Lovell, Political Leader of the United Progressive Party (UPP), is advising the Government.

The Gaston Browne Administration continues to be accused of competing with private enterprises in several areas of the economy, including housing. And even Government Ministers, including Browne, himself, have been accused of competition through their private farms.

One of the UPP’s plans to stimulate the economy is the creation of incentive packages that will encourage private-sector investment in specific areas.

Further, he says that investment groups will be encouraged to spend locally – rather than abroad – in order to drive further economic growth.

According to Lovell, this Administration’s ongoing crowding out of the private sector is one reason the country’s economy is struggling.

A UPP Administration, the Political Leader promises, will make the rebuilding of the private sector a priority since the economy desperately needs to be strengthened.