Investigations underway to determine whether contaminated ice cream is on the local market, says Consumer Affairs official

Joanne Peters, Press Information Officer at the Prices and Consumer Affairs Division, says the Division is conducting investigations to determine whether the recalled Häagen-Dazs ice-cream is on the market here.

The manufacturer, General Mills Australia, issued the voluntary recall due to chemical contamination of the vanilla-flavoured ice-cream only.

The Division says this flavour contains trace amounts of the chemical ethylene oxide, as Peters explains.

Peters says, however, that, to date, the product has not been found at the supermarkets and shops that have already been checked.

In the event that it is here, she is advising individuals not to consume the recalled product, since food items containing ethylene oxide may cause illness. 

For full refunds, Peters says, consumers should contact the place of purchase or seek information from the Division via its social-media pages, telephone, or email.