Court will address caution on JBR in September, PM says, while UPP describes handling of resort sale as gross incompetence

A court date has been set to deal with the $15-million caution on the Jolly Beach Resort property, since no sale can take place without said caution first being lifted by the court.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne addressed the matter in Parliament on Monday, July 11, and said it is expected to be dealt with by the court in September.

The United Progressive Party (UPP) says that it views the handling of the Jolly Beach matter as gross incompetence, and it is asking why all of Browne’s attempts to secure investors have failed.

It advises the Administration to stop making premature announcements before the details of any sale of the property are finalized.

“This Jolly Beach saga illustrates the need for a credible body to create a climate for bona fide investors, as was demonstrated under a UPP leadership,” the Party says, citing the model Antigua and Barbuda Investment Authority.

Lovell says the Gaston Browne Administration holds the record for “the greatest number of failed projects anywhere in the world.”

“This is largely due to playing politics to make headlines, as opposed to being prudent in managing the affairs of the country,” he says.