Cabinet announces yet another investor for Jolly Beach as Elite Island withdraws; Tabor calls for former employees to be paid

Amid claims by the Cabinet that yet another investor has expressed an interest in acquiring the defunct Jolly Beach Resort, Senator Damani Tabor is calling on the Gaston Browne Administration to pay the former workers their severance and gratuities.

Prior to this latest announcement, Cabinet said that Elite Island Resorts, a local hotel chain, had planned to reopen and operate the property by the end of the year, although with fewer rooms and noalonger as an all-inclusive resort.

Then, during the post-Cabinet press briefing held on July 7, Information Minister Melford Nicholas said that Elite Island Resorts, run by hotelier Rob Barrett, had withdrawn its offer.

Despite this, Senator Tabor says the Government ought to offer some type of relief to the struggling former employees.

Meanwhile, reports say the hotel group has declined to take any further part in negotiations related to the Jolly Beach Resort, and Tabor says this is heartbreaking news for those who worked there.

Tabor, the United Progressive Party’s Public Relations Officer, says the Browne Administration seems unable to pin down any investor for the property and enable the workers to get their entitlements.

He also recalls that the Cabinet claimed to be unaware of a significant charge against the property and called the Administration incompetent.

According to the Senator, this Government continues to offer sweet-sounding promises without any plans, resulting in consistent failure.

The Cabinet reportedly is still pushing for the Jolly Beach Resort to be reopened by November this year.