Some residents resort to the Bible to condemn Appeal Court ruling, while others support change to the ‘draconian’ law

Meanwhile, there has been mixed reaction to the Court of Appeal’s ruling on the Sexual Offense Act, 1995, withmany people taking to social media to express either their disgust or praise for the ruling.

On one hand, some residents reverted to the Bible, saying that buggery is an abomination in the eyes of God.

One woman predicts that God is going to exact vengeance upon Antigua and Barbuda for disobeying His laws and decrees and for doing our own thing in the name of constitutional and human rights.

She says this is why we continue to face drought, while excusing it as climate change; but it is a greater power at work.

Another woman describes the ruling as sickening, nasty and filthy, while others say they are bracing for a serious disaster to hit this country and for a response from God’s people.

However, other residents believe that the Sexual Offences Act in its original form was draconian; they say that people have the right to decide what they do with their bodies in the privacy of their homes.

A middle-aged resident says she has more important matters to deal with than other people’s bedroom habits. “God made us all and He loves us all,” she concludes.