Chamber of Commerce to host ‘Tax Talk Breakfast’ and examine how tax regime is impacting businesses and consumers

The Antigua and Barbuda Chamber of Commerce will be having a meeting of the minds on Thursday, July 7, during a “Tax Talk Breakfast” to discuss the current business-tax regime.

Martin Cave, Executive Director of the Chamber, says the event will be used to discuss a number of levies, including the unincorporated business tax.

Cave says that consumers are quite cognizant of the recent increases in the cost of goods and the supply-chain – issues about which the Chamber is concerned.

Cave refers to the rise in fuel prices and the general cost of living and says the business community must discuss how taxes are impacting their operations.

He says that all of the Chamber’s members have complained about these issues, over which they have no control, including shipping costs.

Cave says that, about a year ago, the Chamber held a meeting with the Inland Revenue Department to discuss one of the issues that impact businesses a great deal: taxes to related parties.

This is one of the taxes that will also be up for discussion, he says.

This event is open to members of the public, as well. However, they will have to pre-register, since only a certain number of persons will be accommodated.

In attendance at the breakfast discussion will be Ralph Warner, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue Department; an accountant; and an attorney-at-law, who will answer questions and look at the interpretation of the laws.

Cave says this event will not be a talk shop, but an avenue to provide solutions for meaningful relief to business owners.