Jury acquits police constable accused of rape in 2017, and his reinstatement is expected soon, a source says

A police constable has been acquitted of the 2017 rape of a family member of a Government Minister, a source says.

In 2017 the matter was reported by the female, who was a police recruit at the time. Then-Commissioner Wendel Robinson reportedly requested to see the file on the matter and – having read it – felt there was no evidence to substantiate the charge and secure a conviction, the inside source claims.

The matter went cold until Robinson’s suspension; however, immediately following his suspension, instructions reportedly were given for the arrest of the constable.

Sixteen months after the initial report, the constable was arrested and charged and was granted bail.

Today, June 29, a nine-member jury comprising seven females and two males found the constable not guilty of the offence, it is reported, and he is expected to be reinstated soon.