Motorists advised that traffic on the Valley Road and Sir Sidney Walling Highway will be disrupted by ongoing road work

High gas prices and now ongoing road repairs will result in slowed traffic across the island.

Ongoing works associated with the Second Road Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project will see traffic interventions on sections of the Valley Road North and the Sir Sydney Walling Highway for the rest of the week.

 Officials say that, beginning Tuesday, June 14, there will be single-lane traffic on the Valley Road North between the Chinese-built bridge and the Nut Grove junction and at Little Creek.

The contractor says there will also be possible traffic interventions on Valley Road in Jennings, between the supermarket and the secondary school. Work in the area will repair existing sidewalks.

Meanwhile, there will also be interrupted traffic on Sir Sydney Walling Highway in the Glanvilles area to relocate boundaries.

The traffic interruption will run from Pares Village, working westward, to facilitate drainage. Businesses and residents can expect a moderate to heavy downhill grade, the contractor says.

All traffic interventions will be controlled by flag persons, and road users are advised to proceed with caution when traveling in the work zones.

Persons have been complaining about the road works, which they say are haphazard, with operations jumping from one area after leaving it partially completed, and moving on to a completely new section.

Motorists are taking particular issue with the Little Creek area, which has been graded, with huge stones left in the road for vehicles to travel over. They also complain about the dust which is generated while driving in the area.