Social Security pensioners picket again for timely payments, as Lovell promises a UPP Administration will do better by them

Fresh off their Whit Monday holiday on June 6, scores of pensioners turned out to support the United Progressive Party’s “Senior Citizens’ Lives Matter” protest yesterday, June 7.

Pensioners, as well as middle-aged and young residents, joined the Party’s candidates at the Social Security headquarters, located at the junction of Cross and Long Streets.

The picket followed a similar action taken on November 30 last year.

At that time, the Scheme had owed some senior citizens for several months, some reportedly as far back as June.

Following that, the majority of pensions were paid up for September and October, through an injection of $10 million from a Caribbean Development Bank loan taken by the Browne Administration.

However, since then, the Scheme failed to make timely payments, and pensioners continue to complain about the hardships they face in this difficult economic period.

But a United Progressive Party Administration would not neglect or disrespect senior citizens, says Political Leader Harold Lovell, because they are the ones who have built this country.

Lovell adds that the required funds would be pumped into the Scheme to ensure that pensioners are paid in a timely manner.