Elderly woman is traumatized by male intruder who robbed her and claimed he had been sent to kill her

An elderly woman underwent a traumatic experience on Sunday morning, June 5, after a robber broke into her home and made demands for money while claiming he had been sent to kill her.

Reports say the 77-year-old St. Phillip’s woman was awakened by an intruder at about 1:55 a.m.

The robber, who was dressed in black clothing, including a hooded shirt, reportedly demanded that the senior citizen remove her nightgown and put on a dress. She was then ordered to lie face down on her bed while the man secured her hands with string.

The intruder, who appeared to know her, addressed her by name and asked where the money was.

The traumatized woman told him her age after he inquired, and directed him to a chest of drawers, where she had a bag containing money. REAL News understands that he was able to make off with only $200 in cash.

Further reports say the robber told the elderly victim that he had been sent by someone to take her life, but that he could not do so.

Before making his escape, the robber allegedly removed the sheet from the bed and picked up the woman’s nightgown.

Although the bandit was not masked, the fearful woman was not able to see his face, because she was ordered not to look at him and the room was dark.

Reports say the man gained entry into the house through a push-up window in a northern bedroom and used a concrete block for additional support and height. Reportedly, the window was closed, but not locked.

Based on an examination of the scene, the Police are theorizing that the intruder sustained an injury while trying to enter the house.

Officers continue to investigate this latest incident, the second in just over a week.