Trio sentenced to 14 years each for aggravated robbery, while another three await trial for receiving the stolen goods

On Friday, May 27, three people received stiff sentences in the High Court for aggravated robbery.

After pleading guilty to the charge, Kennisha Whyte-Challenger of St. Johnston’s Village; Kerriano Thomas of Villa; and Jevon Lloyd of Rowan Henry Street were each sentenced by Justice Ann-Marie Smith to 14 years in prison.

The offence occurred on May 11, 2019, at the home of a relative of St. Peter MP Asot Michael.

The trio took part in the caper that netted them more than $645,000 worth in jewelry; an iPad valued $1,350; and $5,400 in cash. They were caught after they began to sell the stolen jewelry.

Ian O’Brien, Vernon Braithwaite, and Ivlaw John were charged with receiving stolen goods in relation to the crime, knowing that they were stolen.

Those three now await their trial date after pleading not guilty to the charge.