Knife-wielding robber caught with cash stolen from Jolly Harbour woman, thanks to quick action by police officer

Police continue to investigate an armed robbery in Jolly Harbour, during which the victim was held at knifepoint by the lone assailant and an undisclosed sum of money was taken.

REAL News was informed that the female victim was in her kitchen on Saturday, May 28, at about 10:20 a.m., when she saw a young man standing on an open piece of land, north of her house, which she owns.

Reportedly, he was dressed in a grey long-sleeved hooded shirt and wore a navy blue T-shirt makeshift mask.

The man is reported to have come onto the property asserting that he was an employee of her gardener and asked for a glass of water.

Further reports say the woman went into the kitchen for the water; however, after she returned to her balcony, the man immediately grabbed her in a choke hold and brandished a knife, which he ran across her throat.

He forced her into the house and took her into her bedroom, where she was robbed of an undisclosed sum of EC and US currency.

The knife-wielding attacker then locked her in the bathroom and made his escape. However, the woman subsequently managed to free herself and called Jolly Harbour security, who, in turn, telephoned the Bolans Police Station.

Reports say that a police constable stopped a passenger bus on the Jolly Harbour main road and asked whether the driver had picked up anyone. He pointed to a lone passenger, a Jennings man.

In order to conduct a search of his person, the officer asked the man to step off the bus. However, after he alighted the vehicle, he took off running into some nearby bushes, where he was captured, and then detained at the station.

A black Nike bag in his possession was searched, and a large sum of EC and US currency was found, along with a green purse with bank and identification cards belonging to the victim. The lawmen also retrieved an orange-and-white-handled knife.

The victim had to be seen by a doctor.