Cabinet confirms that 11-year-old is pregnant by older male and there are fears the situation could endanger her life

An 11-year-old girl is now pregnant after being sexually violated by an older male, the Cabinet has confirmed.  It revealed that the child was taken to the Sir Lester Bird Medical Centre for fear that the pregnancy may endanger her life. 

Very little information can be disclosed about this, or any other, case related to a sexual offence.  Since, under the law, confidentiality is required, the name of the victim and of those who may have victimized the minor cannot be released.

It was only on Wednesday, May 18, that REAL News reported that two minors allegedly were sexually molested by males known to them. One of the victims is 12 years of age while the other is 10 years old.

The Police operate a Special Victims Unit to deal with minors who have been the victims of sexual predators, and they have taken one man into custody while continuing their investigations into both matters.

The maximum penalty for sexually molesting girls who are 12 years and under is life imprisonment. However, only under extreme circumstances would a convicted person serve that penalty.

As a result of this latest, incident, the Executive reportedly held discussions with the agencies responsible for the protection of youth.