Clarevue employees picket yet again, demanding payment of outstanding monies and protesting poor state of the hospital

Another set of government workers took to the picket line today, May 3, following the annual Labour Day celebrations the day before.

This time around, public servants attached to the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital downed tools to demand their COVID-19 and overtime payments and to protest the rundown state of the facility.

Workers lined the side of the street just in front of the government-run facility, as they demanded their monies and held placards outlining their grievances.

The staff complains that other healthcare workers have received their promised monies but their concerns seem to have been placed on the back burner.

Health Minister Molwyn Joseph is being called upon to address the matter urgently, since the psychiatric hospital falls under the Ministry of Health .

This is not the first such action taken by workers at the institution.