Christian says he has given up on investigations into destruction of his crops and is moving on for his peace of mind

Alvin Christian, a well-known farmer and water-management consultant, has undergone a number of attacks on his farm over the past several months, but says he has now given up on the investigation into the destruction of his crops last year.

An unknown person or persons went to his Creekside farm in November 2021 and cut down 99 percent of the young palms Christian had planted.  They were chopped near their roots, making it difficult for them to be revived, while more than 100 special citrus trees were slashed below the point of their graft.

Investigations had begun into the malicious act, but Christian says that, to date, he has not received any word from the relevant authorities on the progress of the probe.

Therefore, in order to maintain his sanity, he says he has put the incident out of his mind and is just moving on.

Meanwhile, Christian, who has operated his farm for over three decades, continues to face wanton vandalism and theft.

While he had an incident on Easter Monday (April 18), during which two people were caught on his property stealing sweet tamarinds, a week later another incident occurred.

Christian says he reported to the Grays Farm Police Station that he had seen a group of boys stealing tamarinds from his Creekside farm on April 26, and they ran away when they saw him.

Officers visited the scene and conducted inquiries into the report, as well as a search for the alleged offenders in the Cashew Hill and Creekside areas, but without success.

Investigations into the matter are ongoing.