Government reduces price of gas at the pumps, but only by 50 cents per gallon, disappointing many consumers

Fuel prices have been reduced by mere cents on the gallon, effective today, April 22, reportedly because the latest shipment received by the West Indies Oil Company was purchased at a lower price.

Accordingly, the cost of gas is now $15.15 a gallon, down from $15.70, while diesel now retails for $15.23 per gallon, down from $15.50.

Word of the reductions reached REAL News yesterday afternoon and was confirmed by State media last night.

Consumers are already voicing their disappointment with the slight reduction, given that the increase was as high as 26% and came with little warning.

The Browne Administration had announced, in March, that a review of the fuel prices would be undertaken around the middle of April, and many residents said they were hoping for at least a one-dollar reduction.