Construction on Long Bay beach raises questions about ownership and displacement of local enterprise

Questions are being raised about a construction project at Long Bay on the site formerly occupied by Barrow’s Chill Bar.

REAL News correspondent George Wehner visited the northeastern location on Sunday afternoon, April 10, and found the area cordoned off.

For several decades, the beach bar was owned and operated by a constituent of St. Phillip’s North. However, he suffered a setback three years ago when a fire destroyed the thriving business.

Reportedly, he sought to rebuild the operation at the same spot, but was denied permission by the Development Control Authority (DCA).

Now, Wehner reports that the new proprietor has taken up a larger portion of the beach to facilitate what he understands will be a restaurant.

According to Wehner, it appears that the local man is being pushed out, and this seems to be the sitting Administration’s method of operation.

Meanwhile, Wehner makes observations about some of the building materials on site.

Other sources say the new business is already under contract with the cruise-tourism authorities and will be providing food and leisure services to visitors next season.

Under the United Progressive Party Administration, three acres of Long Bay land had been earmarked to create a public beach park, with set-asides for at least three restaurants owned by local people. 

Now, some residents are wondering whether residents will be able to enjoy even access to the popular beach once this new and larger restaurant facility begins operations.