UPP Leader and Candidate commend fire officers for valiant work in the absence of proper equipment and enough tenders

Two members of the United Progressive Party (UPP) are hailing the efforts of Fire Department personnel, commending them for their valiant work without the requisite equipment and sufficient fire tenders.

Political Leader Harold Lovell and Algernon “Serpent” Watts, the Candidate for St. George, say that firefighters continue to be resilient in spite of their challenges.

Watts, who visited the scenes of weekend fires in The Point and in Swetes, says the lack of fire trucks has now become untenable.  He notes that officers had to use the same small tender to respond to both blazes.

Before it left The Point, however, private water trucks had already been assisting with the fire in Swetes.

Watts says the firemen were exhausted by the time they got to the second fire, but worked hard, nonetheless, to ensure it was extinguished properly.

If the tender in St. John’s had been functioning and the one in All Saints did not have to travel to the City, the response to the fires would have been much faster and the outcome been different, the UPP Candidate says.

When vital agencies like the Fire Department do not have the proper tools to work with, what is the purpose of the government, Lovell asks.  He says the Gaston Browne Administration is both useless and hopeless in this regard.

Having interacted with and seen firefighters in action, Lovell says the public should recognize the work being done by these persons under very difficult circumstances.