Taxi associations call for shutdown of public transportation because Transport Board has failed to protect the sector

Gregory Athill, General Secretary of the Public Transportation Union and the National Taxi Association, is calling for a shutdown of the public-transport sector since the Transport Board and other relevant agencies have failed to implement or tighten regulations to protect taxi operators.

Athill’s call comes on the heels of an incident that involved a “fly-by-night” taxi operator and an American University of Antigua student last week.  A video in wide circulation showed the purported taxi driver beating the medical student with a stick.

He says the authorities should step in immediately to address this matter, adding that a meeting with the Transport Board had been set for 10 a.m. today to discuss it.

Athill says it is very important that legitimate taxi operators distance themselves from the unfortunate incident, since this type of behaviour is not part of our culture.

Further, he confirms that the man is not a legitimate taxi operator.

The General Secretary says this type of “fly-by-night” operation has been going on for years – despite complaints made to the Transport Board, the Police and other relevant agencies.

However, this will no longer be allowed to continue, since the time for talking has ended and the time for action is now.

Meanwhile, Ian Joseph, Vice Chairman of the Public Transportation Union and President of the United Taxi Company, is throwing his full weight behind Athill.