Lovell says hypocrisy lies at the heart of ALP’s calls for apology for remarks made about MP Bird Browne

While several quarters of the Antigua Labour Party (ALP) are calling for an apology from a radio talk show host, after he made comments about the intelligence of MP Maria Bird Browne, Harold Lovell is reminding them that politics is not for the faint of heart.

Persons are also calling for the United Progressive Party to condemn the so-called verbal attack, since the remarks were made by a supporter.

But Lovell, the Party’s Political Leader, says this is a demonstration of hypocrisy. 

He notes that many of these people are willing to condemn the UPP and its supporters while ignoring the fact that ALP members, including Prime Minister Gaston Browne, have consistently denigrated the UPP’s supporters and leadership.

At those times, Lovell says, none of them ever called for an apology or stood in solidarity with the women who were attacked.

Lovell says he, himself, is all for civil political discourse.  However, Prime Minister Browne has been leading by example, he says, and therefore is to be blamed for this type of politicking.  

Having grown up in a household of women, and with his mother being the head of the family, Lovell says he is respectful of all females.  He says he would not venture to attack the spouse of a political opponent, but that politicians are fair game for anyone.