No need for early lines, as distribution period for utility-subsidy booklets has been extended, PDV-CAB Manager says

As another round of distribution gets set to commence, PDV-CAB Manager Laurie Louard is reminding senior citizens that there is no need to line up from 3 a.m. for their Utility Subsidy booklets, as the distribution time has been extended.

Distribution is carried out alphabetically, and will start with surnames A and B next Monday, February14, and continue for the next 10 working days.

Louard says a small number of seniors tend to miss the expiration dates on the vouchers; therefore, he is encouraging them to be proactive and make use of APUA’s Cheque Drop Box.

Meanwhile, the Manager says that more residents are taking advantage of the annual $1,200 discount on their utility bill of choice.

As distribution gets underway next week, Louard is asking for the cooperation of all persons when they arrive at the Multipurpose Centre.