Former banker gives Minister of Finance a low grade for Budget 2022, and says conclusions are misleading

Former banker Everett Christian is advising Prime Minister Gaston Browne to stop misleading the public, referring to claims made in the 2022 Budget Presentation.

He notes that the Prime Minister is boasting that a 5.3% growth in 2021 represents a 25% turnaround in fortunes for the country; but this is misrepresenting and manipulating the figures, Christian says.

Browne, the Minister of Finance, has also hailed an increase in personal savings and liquidity in the banking system as a positive development.

However, Christian points out that increased household savings is not a good thing at this time, as it means that the banks are not giving loans – but are increasing service charges on a regular basis.

Referencing the Republic of Barbados, he says it is experiencing a trend that is similar to Antigua and Barbuda, and he is pleased with Prime Minister Mia Mottley’s response to the situation.