Businessman and community activist wary of Government’s decision to go it alone with major hotel investments

Government’s decision to take over the Jolly Beach Resort and the development of Callaloo Cay is not sitting well with many residents, and especially with the business community.

Many think it is too great a risk, and such initiatives are better suited for the private sector.

Well-known businessman Elijah James says that, given the state of economic affairs, he was not surprised to hear the Callaloo Cay Project had flopped.

But he says the manner in which the Government goes about seeking investments is of great concern.

Concerning Jolly Beach, James says there are several considerations to bear in mind, and one is that the resort is one of the largest all-inclusive properties on island.

James says the last time he checked the tourism statistics, Antigua and Barbuda does not have enough room stock to accommodate both the high- and low-end category of tourists and cannot satisfy the airlift to bring people here.

James says another concern that persons have about governments getting involved is the exploitation of privileges, with officials having access to the properties and not willing to pay bills.