Question about stability of WISEZ prompts Prime Minister to say his Administration cannot pick winners or losers

During last Thursday’s sitting of Parliament, MP for Barbuda Trevor Walker asked Prime Minister Gaston Browne about the financial stability of Victor Singh, the principal of the Western Imperial Special Economic Zone (WISEZ); and, up to Saturday, Browne still appeared annoyed by the question.

Browne claims that his Administration is not in the position to pick winners and losers.  However, he says that Singh presented himself as being capable of developing the 500 acres he acquired and has paid the requisite licensing fees.

Since the WISEZ Agreement was exposed by Observer Radio personality Algernon Watts, some residents say the Prime Minister has tried every tactic to divert attention away from the proposed development.  And, they note, he is becoming increasingly upset that objection to the project continues.

This past Saturday, February 5, during Watts’ session in his Snake Pit, further information about the use of the Zone was revealed.