Heavy rainfall over the weekend welcomed by Antiguans, but Barbudans say their water collection was much less

Frayed nerves and hot temperatures were temporarily cooled over the weekend, as rainfall showered communities all across the island.

There were reports of ferocious winds at Runway Bay, pouring rain in Cedar Grove, heavy downpours in Gunthorpes, and significant flooding in Crabbe Hill and other areas in the South.

There were even reports of a precipitous drop in the temperature in Five Islands, causing residents to describe the atmosphere as “a little nippy.”

But struggling APUA customers were grateful for the two days of rain that filled their water-storage containers.

However, unlike mainland Antigua, sister-island Barbuda was not so lucky.

Marine Biologist John Mussington tells REAL News that Barbudans received only enough rain for half a drum of water.  He says they are lucky to have wells as a backup source, or they would be in as dire a situation as Antiguans.

A High Surf Warning issued at 11:15 p.m. on Saturday night was discontinued early Sunday morning.  However, sea-bathers are still being asked to be cautious as a High Surf Advisory is still in effect.