Psychiatrist requests further six months to assess young woman at centre of Finch murder investigation

Dr. James King, the Government’s psychiatrist, has asked for another six months to monitor and assess the mental capacity of Brittany Jno-Baptiste to determine whether she is fit to stand trial for murder.   

Jno-Baptiste, a person of interest in the killing of Piccadilly resident Jane Finch, last year, made her second appearance in the District B Magistrate Court yesterday, January 26.

During the proceedings, a step-down reportedly was ordered by the Magistrate to allow the defendant’s lawyer, Wendel Robinson, and the prosecution to consult on where Jno-Baptiste will be held during the six-month assessment period. 

Sources say that Robinson is concerned about his client having access to illegal substances while in prison, and recommended that she be kept at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital or at Camp Blizzard.   

However, the prosecution is said to have disagreed, saying that the mental hospital is not appropriate, and that the prison would be suitable if Jno-Baptiste is held in separate  quarters.   

The matter has been adjourned until February  2022.

Meanwhile, the young woman remains charged only with breaking and entering Finch’s home.