CBH Chief complains of burn-out among staff and says more officers are desperately needed

Sharon Martin, the Chief Health Inspector, says  the Central Board of Health (CBH) has been overwhelmed with work since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

And, now, the department will have even more work to do, she says, since the State of Emergency and curfew will be lifted next month.    CBH will be tasked with monitoring the behaviour of persons using the beaches and at the bars and clubs.

Meanwhile, Martin says her officers continue to perform a myriad of functions that are in no way related to the pandemic. She says the situation is so dire that she has to be out in the field, herself, since they are short staffed.

Martin says that her officers are burnt out, adding that she had to take vacation  leave in August and September since the strain was seriously affecting  her body and health.

The Chief Health Inspector says that more than 20 additional workers are required at the department in order to meet the current shortfall.

Martin says the country is divided into three zones and, with more officers, about six zones could be created, creating smaller areas and thus making the work of the department more manageable.