Relatives of Vincia James allege they have been threatened since missing woman’s belongings have been found

The Police are continuing to look into reports of death threats made against family members of Vincia James.

James has been missing for over four years and is presumed dead. However, last Thursday, October 7,  items belonging to her, including identification cards, were fished from a pond in the North Sound area.

A man who was out fishing reportedly reeled in a bag that belonged to the missing woman.

Her ex-boyfriend, Mikhail Gomes of Piggots, has been charged with her murder and is currently on bail.

One of James’ relatives says her son received a threatening telephone call in which he was told that family members would go missing if Gomes goes back to prison.

However, the family says they are not going to be intimidated by anyone; and they hope the Police will be able to trace the call and arrest the person who made the threat.

The call was placed from an “unknown” number, and a relative is wondering why it is taking the Police this long to trace it.  But a source tells REAL News that officers are working in earnest to trace the  call and find the perpetrator.

Meanwhile, the Police are yet to drain the pond from which James’ bag was fished.  Other sources say that a dive is being contemplated since the pond’s waters are not contained.   

Our News Room could not get verification as to when these procedures might be done; but persons say this should have been done the same night to determine whether skeletal remains are in the pond. 

James went missing on April 7, 2017 after leaving work at the Dixie Betting Company just after 1 p.m.