Lewis is not suprised by senior officer’s conduct, while Browne decries policeman’s agression toward peaceful picketers

Senate Minority Leader Richard Lewis is dismissing a threat made to him and other picketers by a senior policeman, during the November 16 picket of the Ministry of Education.

Lewis, the United Progressive Party (UPP) Candidate for St. John’s Rural West, says the officer is known to be very aggressive and, therefore, he was not surprised by the policeman’s conduct.

He says the picketers were not going to be deterred by the scare tactics deployed by the Browne Administration through the Police Force.

Meanwhile, Lewis’ colleague, Alex Browne, Candidate for St. Phillip’s North, is decrying the officer’s actions and the aggressive manner in which he approached the peaceful picketers.

Browne also shares the now-common observation that Antigua and Barbuda is fast becoming a police state.