Education officials are taking a silent approach to the issue of marijuana being found on a school compound, with Director of Education Clare Browne indicating that he has nothing to say.

Reports are that police officers conducted a search of asecondary school and a quantity of drugs was found.The illegal contraband included cannabis, cannabis-infused products, and ecstasy, among others.

A video of the incident has been circulating on social media, with students pictured standing and kneeling with the hands behind their heads.

After harsh criticism for such treatment of the children, the Police reportedly claimed that this is normal procedure for operations of this nature.

Reports are that no one has been arrested for the find. However, a source tells REAL News that one student has confessed that the items belong to him.

The source says that Education officials seem to think that, by not saying anything on the matter, it will die a natural death. While they have responded to trivial matters, she says, they prefer to take the silent approach on an issue as important as this.

According to the well-placed source, such things are not new and are, in fact, regular occurrences at various schools across the island. Sometimes students are caught, and at other times, they slip through the cracks, she says.

However, she says that drugs on school compounds remain a very serious issue that needs to be addressed urgently.

Meanwhile, a woman comments that “school is no place for this type of activity.  What could be going through the minds of our young people these days?” she asks.

Marijuana is “partially legalized” in Antigua & Barbuda, with 15 grammes being the accepted amount that can be in an adult’s possession at any given time.

However, regional studies have determined that marijuana use among Antigua & Barbuda students is the highest in the region, and alcohol use is also high in the youth population.

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