Dixie Call Centre will close its doors permanently at the end of this month, despite a request from the Government to reconsider its decision to end operations here.
Following a Zoom meeting with staff last Wednesday, April 7, management sent the workers home for seven days. In the meantime, the company, which trades as Cassava Enterprise, said it would be reviewing plans on how it would proceed.
However, REAL News understands that Dixie’s employees were advised today, April 14, that their employment will end on April 27.
Information Minister Melford Nicholas addressed the matter during last week’s post-Cabinet press briefing.

Meanwhile, staff members have been assured that they will receive all gratuities, severance, outstanding salaries and bonuses due to them. They do not have to return to work, however, as their temporary layoff continues.
Further reports say they will also be allowed to keep the computers they have been using to work from home.
Dixie’s closure places more than 150 persons on the breadline at a time when hundreds are already unemployed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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