Three young men detained by Police on suspicion of imminent criminal activity are remanded to prison, with trial scheduled for September 23

Three men whom the police suspected of planning criminal acts have been
remanded to His Majesty’s Prison after making their first court appearance
since being charged last week.

Jahquan Davis, 22, Judah Francis and Devon Burton, both 24, face charges
jointly of two counts of illegal possession of a firearm, two counts of illegal
possession of ammunition, and one count of attempting to use a firearm for
the furtherance of an offence.

However, Francis, of Potters Village, faces an additional charge of dangerous
driving. He pleaded guilty to all of the offences, except for attempting to use a
firearm in the furtherance of an offence.

The prosecution told the court that they accepted only Francis’ dangerous
driving plea and are willing to go to trial on all the other counts, in spite of his
admission to the other offences.

Meanwhile, Burton of Paynters, and Davis of Skerrits Pasture both denied all
the charges.

The matter will come up for trial on September 23.
Attorney Sherfield Bowen represented Burton, while Davis and Francis are

Reports say the men were held by the Police during the daytime hours last
Wednesday, June 12, in the Factory area, with two guns, ammunition, and
masks in their vehicle, which the police suspected were going to be used to
commit crimes.

The trio was reportedly traveling in a grey Toyota Vitz when they were
stopped by a joint police-military team near the Factory playfield.
Law-enforcers believe this operation prevented imminent criminal activities.