Tabor says short-term solutions to please conference delegates can not satisfy residents’ safety and health needs

United Progressive Party (UPP) Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor says
the Nation cannot be comforted to know that the entire Police Force will be
occupied with the fourth Small Island Developing States (SIDS4) conference.

While he is pleased that the visiting delegation of over 3,000 persons will be
kept safe, Tabor is displeased that the public might be at greater risk with an
already-high crime rate.

Tabor says that Minister of National Security Steadroy “Cutie” Benjamin sits
back and does nothing, except for making a statement on national television to
give the impression that crime is not out of control.

He says the UPP and the people are tired of regurgitated plans that have not
been put into effect or have not borne fruit.

Tabor says the “plan” of the Gaston Browne Administration appears to be
creating short-term solutions for serious issues affecting the people, such as
crime and poor healthcare, just to accommodate the delegates to the
international conference.

That was Damani Tabor, UPP spokesperson.