Resident awakes to see thief, who manages to escape with a good haul of cash

Although a burglar was caught inside a house, he managed to get away with a
sum of Eastern Caribbean currency and United States dollars. 
The perpetrator reportedly broke into the apartment of a Swetes Village
woman and stole EC$800 and US$127 from a wallet and handbag.
Officers from the All Saints Police Station are now investigating the incident,
which is reported to have occurred between 10:10 p.m. on April 12 and 4:30
a.m. on April 13.
The intruder is reported to have removed a mosquito screen from a living
room window in order to gain entry. Apparently, the window was closed but
not locked.

The intruder then managed to insert his hand and unlock the living room
He allegedly then entered the apartment and stole EC$500 and US$127 from a
hand bag that was left on the dining table and EC$300 from a brown wallet
belonging to a male occupant of the house.
The man reported that he was awakened by the presence of someone in his
room. When he opened his eyes he saw a male figure hurriedly making his
way out of the bedroom and running through a southern door. 
A search was carried out in the surrounding area for any suspicious person,
but without success.