Tabor criticizes Government bench for excluding Opposition from oversight of Special Economic Zones

The United Progressive Party (UPP) is criticizing the Browne
Administration for its refusal to allow a member of the Opposition to
sit on the Special Economic Zone Committee.

Amendments to the Special Economic Zone Act were made last week
in order to prevent the creation of a state within the State, the
Government claims.

UPP Public Relations Officer Damani Tabor says the Opposition
requested representation on the board as a means of transparency
and protecting the public interest, but this was rejected.

Two other economic-zone agreements were signed during this
Administration’s 10-year tenure, both of which have failed: the
YIDA Special Economic Zone and the Western Imperial Special
Economic Zone.

Tabor is reminding the public that there should have been another
Free Trade Zone in which some Africans were to invest, but it never

He says that special economic zones, if not managed properly, can
create some worrisome issues.

Therefore,Tabor says, they need proper supervision and policing.
And having a well-rounded committee with the relevant

stakeholders, including an Opposition representative, could prevent
such instances.

According to Tabor, it is good practice to have a representative of
the opposition on sensitive committees and boards.

Public Relations Officer of the United Progressive Party Damani