Cabinet invites Police brass to report on crime for 2023, but downplays what residents know to be an upsurge  

The Cabinet appears to be downplaying the upsurge in criminal
activity across Antigua and Barbuda to which not only local
residents are falling prey, but visitors, as well.
According to this week’s Notes, Commissioner of Police Atlee
Rodney was invited to meet with the Executive on Wednesday,
January 10.

Other members of the Force’s top brass also met with the Cabinet to
provide comprehensive data on crimes and arrests in 2023 in
comparison to previous years.
The Notes report that “there has been a negligible change in petty
crime in 2023 over 2022; and it was also reported that there has
been a minute reduction in road fatalities between both years.”
The Executive apparently focused on petty crimes; however, the
people have admitted they are terrified by the increase in robberies,
as these criminals are now committing offences in broad daylight.
Further, armed robbers have been traumatizing their victims – men
and women alike – by beating them with their guns.
Reportedly, the senior officers informed the Cabinet that trained
dogs are helping law- enforcement personnel to catch persons who
attempt to import illicit drugs, firearms, and other contraband into
the country.
They claim that eight officers have been trained to operate the K-9

Meanwhile, it was noted that the Police are preparing for the influx
of approximately 5,000 delegates to the United Nations Small Island
Developing States (SIDS) Conference, to be held between May 27-
Reportedly, these persons are expected to spend almost one week in
several hotels across the island.
In the meantime, the superintendent of the Fire Department
reportedly addressed the Cabinet on its needs.
It was noted that there is a need for more laddered trucks, as many
of the buildings being constructed are no longer single storied.