Mishap at Half Moon Bay turns out to be visitor’s rescue of her dogs from an open pit

A mishap on the grounds of the former Half Moon Bay Hotel on
Monday, December 11, when two dogs allegedly fell into a disused
septic pit, has been clarified.
Initial reports, accompanied by photos, had suggested that a female
tourist had fallen into the open hole.
Allegedly, the woman had taken her dogs for a walk in the area
when they ran ahead of her and fell into the hole, which had been
concealed by high grass.
Reportedly, the barking of the dogs drew their owner and others to
the area, where the open hole, said to be over 15 feet deep, was

The woman reportedly was panicked by the situation, but relieved
after several persons came to her assistance. Apparently, she was
lowered into the hole to retrieve the animals and was then pulled
from the pit, herself.

Allegedly, a dead goat was also discovered in the open pit.
Many persons have said it would have been a more dire situation if a
human being had fallen into the hole – with one resident asking why
the disused pit had not been properly covered, since people
frequent the nearby beach.
According to her, “only in Antigua” would one expect something like
this to happen.
The woman notes that a child could have fallen into the hole and
been seriously injured or killed.