Thomas sues ABEC and supervisor of elections over refusal to provide copy of picture list

Alister Thomas, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St.
John’s City West, has filed a lawsuit against the supervisor of
elections (SOE) and the Antigua and Barbuda Electoral Commission

The suit, which was filed on Friday, November 24, arose out of the
supervisor’s refusal to provide Thomas with the picture list used in
the January 18 General Election, pursuant to the Freedom of
Information Act.

Thomas had written to the supervisor in early September,
requesting a copy of the controversial list.
However, Symister says, the supervisor declined the request on the
basis of Section 18 of the Representation of the People Amendment

Act, which provides for the list to be distributed to returning and
presiding officers.

But Symister contends that Thomas is entitled to receive the
requested copy under the Freedom of Information Act – which states
that, notwithstanding any other law, information requested must be
given, provided that it does not fall within any of the four categories
listed for non-disclosure.

“The list does not fall into any of those four categories,” Symister

Accordingly, the attorney says, Thomas is seeking a declaration from
the High Court on this entitlement. In addition, he is seeking an
Order that directs the supervisor to provide the claimant with a
copy of the City West list forthwith

The hearing date has been set for January 16.