Arbour Day activities will see highly anticipated raffle of electric vehicle during this Saturday’s roadshow

As the annual Arbour Day activities are now underway, the highly
anticipated electric vehicle roadshow will take place in two days –
on Saturday November 18.  
This event, among others being held for the month, is being hosted
by the Department of the Environment (DoE), which is inviting
everyone to join in the 2023 celebrations.

On Saturday, the DoE will be raffling off an electric vehicle, and
many are looking forward to this addition to the road show.
The Department has been promoting clean energy and the
elimination of fossil fuels and has imported some electric vehicles
already. The first of these – a Tesla – was assigned to the minister
responsible for the environment, Sir Molwyn Joseph.
Another Arbour Month activity is one of the staple events: a plant
fair and climate fest at which residents can exchange various types
of trees for tree bags. This will be held on November 24. 
Then, on November 30, a team from the Department will go over to
Barbuda for the conclusion of the Arbour Month activities.

Arbour Month is dedicated to fostering environmental awareness
and sustainability and is aimed at promoting tree planting and
conservation efforts across the region.
Locally, Arbour Day is an annual celebration that is dedicated to
promoting environmental sustainability through tree planting and
conservation efforts. It also aims to raise awareness about the
crucial role that trees play in preserving the planet for future
This year’s theme is “Sustaining our roots, cultivating our future.
Let’s get ready!”