Privatization of water has long been planned by the Browne Administration, despite loans for APUA, deFreitas says

The privatization of the Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA)
Water Business Unit has always been a plan of the Gaston Browne
Administration, opines Franz deFreitas, the United Progressive
Party (UPP) caretaker for St. John’s City South.

The Administration is having serious issues with the timely and
daily distribution of water throughout the country, and is currently
in discussion with two private entities to take over certain of the
division’s operations.

But deFreitas says he is fundamentally opposed to any move to
privatize the APUA Water Division’s responsibilities.

According to him, as it now stands, citizens and residents already
pay a phenomenal rate for water that is of a very poor quality.
He adds that households rarely get water on a daily basis; and when
they do get it, the quality and condition of the commodity are
terrible. This has forced many people to purchase water privately
for household use – and also at exorbitant rates, he says.

Pointing to a loan that the Government took out – over three years
ago – to deal with the water infrastructure, deFreitas says this was a
prelude to the nefarious plan to privatize the Water Division.
He believes the Browne Administration already knew it intended to
privatize the Unit; and yet it saddled the people with a huge loan to

DeFreitas says this proposed move will be a burden on the backs of
Antiguans and Barbudans for generations to come.

The sooner the people realize that this is an uncaring government
and take the necessary steps, the better their lives will become, the
UPP caretaker says.

Meanwhile, deFreitas says there are rumours in circulation that this
water-privatization venture might be of financial benefit to some
members of the Cabinet.