Sean Bird denies claims that he is seeking to head the UPP and says ALP Administration does not understand leadership

Sean Bird, the United Progressive Party (UPP) caretaker for St.
John’s Rural East, is denying claims that he is seeking to contest for
leadership of the Party and has been circulating a flyer with that
As a fairly new member of the Party, Bird says, he is seeking only
serve the people and his country and not
to head the political institution.
He says he has no knowledge of who has been circulating such
information, but says people have asked him if he is interested in
contesting for the position.

If he were asked, however, he says he would accept the call to lead
the Party and subsequently the country. He says he would not shy
away from making a positive contribution to the UPP and to Antigua
and Barbuda on a whole.
Meanwhile, Bird cautions that leadership is something that should
be taken seriously – which members of the ALP Administration do
not seem to understand.
With this government, he says, leadership appears to be about ego
and not governing in the best interest of the people and having a
plan to move the country forward.
Bird states that leadership includes having a vision for the
development of the people and the nation on a whole.