Senior officials and prime minister to make post-hurricane visit and assessment of damage to Barbuda ‘very soon’

Some five days after the passage of Hurricane Tammy, a preliminary
estimate of the damage caused is still to be reported by the Gaston
Browne Administration. However, the prime minister is expected to
lead a team of senior officials on a visit to the sister-isle very soon,
reportedly to assess the situation, firsthand.
While the hurricane did not cause any major flooding or other
damage, it battered Barbuda, leaving in its wake some downed trees
and damage to roofs and fences – but no injury or loss of life.
A cell tower for one telecommunication-service provider also
received damage on Barbuda.
Meanwhile, officials confirmed that while Antigua received some
wind and rainfall, there was minimal damage to critical

Accordingly, the Cabinet reportedly gave thanks that the Nation was
spared the worst of Tammy’s wrath.
It also commended the agencies and their technicians who kept the
country informed during the passage of the storms, including the
MET Office, the National Office of Disaster Services (NODS), and ABS
for a job well done.
The Antigua Public Utilities Authority (APUA) is also being praised
for taking pre-emptive measures to safeguard its services, which
were fully restored in a short time, it says, especially on Barbuda
after Tammy passed.

 Members of the Barbuda Council had promised to be out assessing
the damage to the sister-island during the course of this week.
Some critics are accusing the Administration of showing little
interest in Barbuda’s post-storm condition and being more invested
in winning the St. Mary’s South by-election, which the Antigua
Labour Party lost anyway.
Meanwhile, the Government recently received a payout of over US$2
million as part of a regional disaster-insurance policy following the
passage of Philippe. It has not indicated where the money is to be