Symister says Simon’s second win stronger than the first, since this time he defeated a sitting prime minister and his resources

Leon Chaku Symister is expressing the opinion that Kelvin “Shugy”
Simon’s by-election victory in St. Mary’s South, on Tuesday, October
24, was a stronger one than his January 18 win in the General
Although he did not win by the same majority of votes, Simon, the
United Progressive Party candidate, still gave Antigua Labour Party
(ALP) candidate Dwayne George a trouncing at the polls.
In January, he beat the Labour Party’s Samantha Marshall by 199
votes. This time around, he captured the seat by 174 votes.

However, in defending his statement, Symister says it is not easy to
defeat a sitting prime minister, since it appeared that Gaston was
the person running against Simon and using government resources
in his attempt to ensure an ALP victory.

Observers say it was expected that the ALP would have gained some
votes in Bolans, given that George and his family have defected from
the United Progressive Party – after having possibly supported
Simon in the January General Election.

Symister, the UPP spokesperson on legal affairs, says that Simon’s
win showed that the people of St. Mary’s South could not be bought
and that they believe in good governance.
He says the UPP is energized by the victory and the constituents’
rejection of Prime Minister Browne and his administration.
Meanwhile, Symister extends his heartiest congratulations to MP-
Elect Simon for his hard work and dedication leading up to the by-