Property and landscape damage, but no injuries or deaths from hurricane’s passage through Barbuda

Officials and residents continue to pick up the pieces following the
passage of Hurricane Tammy, which pummeled sister-island
Barbuda with strong winds and heavy rainfall on Saturday night,
October 21.
Before it made landfall, Tammy had kept residents of Antigua and
Barbuda in a state of anxiety, as it swung from left to right, speeding
up and then slowing down, and then making a major shift away from
Antigua – but close to Barbuda and its over 2,000 residents.
The island received wind gusts of over 65 mph, which, fortunately,
caused no loss of life. However, there was some damage to property
and an island-wide power outage until Sunday evening.
Photos taken after the category-one hurricane show a downed
structure that fell onto its side; stray galvanize; and broken trees
and branches.

Some homes sustained damage to their roofs, and fences also
became casualties of the strong winds, according to reports. A
telecommunication company’s cell tower snapped, as well.
In spite of these incidents, the damage appears to have been
minimal; but an official assessment has to be undertaken by the
relevant government agencies.
Tammy reportedly made landfall at about 9 p.m., with the eye
passing over the island some 15 minutes later. Reportedly, during
that lull, seven people were moved to seek refuge in a shelter on the
Meanwhile, a flash-flood warning that had been issued by the MET
Office for both islands on Sunday, October 22, was discontinued,
although both islands experienced moderate to heavy rainfall
throughout most of the day and into the evening hours.
Understandably, Barbudans are wary of storms and hurricanes after
the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma, which flattened the
island and caused at least one death in September 2017.
The island has not fully recovered from the ordeal some six years
after that Category 5-plus storm.