UPP cancels Thursday night’s rally in Bolans due to weather, and implores vulnerable residents to prepare to evacuate

The United Progressive Party (UPP) has cancelled the public rally
planned for the Bolans Playing Field tonight, October 19, on account
of the uncertain weather conditions ahead of Tropical Storm Tammy.

In a statement issued earlier this afternoon, the UPP reported that
its “leadership and its candidate for St. Mary’s South, Kelvin ‘Shugy’
Simon, have agreed that safety must be the priority, and therefore
have cancelled their much-anticipated final public meeting before
next Tuesday’s by-election.”

After the storm, the Party says, it will assess the situation and advise
supporters if plans are made for any other public gatherings ahead
of the October 24 poll.

Meanwhile, the statement continues, it is possible that, by the time
Tammy makes landfall tomorrow, Friday, the storm could have been
upgraded to hurricane status.

“Therefore, the UPP is encouraging all residents to use today,
Thursday, October 19, to make preparations for the safety and
security of their families, homes, and businesses – while electricity
and, possibly, water services are still available,” the statement says.

Those families living in low-lying and flood-prone areas are being
advised to secure their properties and to make plans for possible

The Party says this appeal “is especially aimed at families living in
the West Palm Beach area of Bolans; the Upper Fort Road and Yorks
communities; Bendals and Bathlodge; Perry Bay; and other
vulnerable neighbourhoods in the Rural West and Rural South

Following the passage of TS Philippe, UPP representatives and
caretakers for these areas took to the media to complain about the
flooding, caused mostly by uncleared drains and overgrown
shrubbery. In the case of Rural West, MP Richard Lewis accused the
Government of opening the Perry Bay levee too late.

The statement concludes with the UPP exhorting all residents “to be
careful, to be safe, to stay off the roads during the storm, and to
follow the instructions of the agencies in charge of operations.”