Symister believes Writ for Elections will be issued in coming days or weeks to conform with legally stipulated timetable

Leon Chaku Symister is speculating that the Writ for Elections will
be issued sometime this month, September 2023, ahead of the by-
election that must take place by late October.
Once the Writ is issued, the poll must be held no earlier than 21 days
and no later than 28, says Symister, the United Progressive Party
(UPP) spokesperson on legal matters.

Accordingly, even if the Antigua Labour Party Administration
wished to “run down the clock,” the Writ will be issued within days
or weeks, he says.

At that time, he adds, the UPP will step up its election machinery to
ensure that Kelvin “Shugy” Simon is returned to the Lower House of
And, according to Symister, the activities now being held in St.
Mary’s South pale in comparison with what should be expected after
the Writ is issued.
Symister has again expressed confidence that the seat will be
returned to the UPP with Simon’s re-election.
However, he stresses, the Party will not become complacent, and it
is monitoring every aspect of this by-election like a hawk, knowing
the Labour Party would do anything to take the seat.
Meanwhile, Symister says the Party is prepared to mount a legal
challenge if the Government tries to push the election past October
27, since this could be an indication that some hanky-panky will be
taking place.
The by-election was triggered by the resignation of then MP Simon
from the House of Representatives on June 7.