Clearing Cades Bay land will not result in October pineapple harvest, so Greene should stop trying to deceive, Wehner says

The people will not be fooled by the Government’s recent attempts
to plough the Cades Bay Pineapple Farm, says George Wehner, the
United Progressive Party mobilization officer.

Just about two weeks ago, tractors were deployed at the farm and
ploughed a small section of land. Critics said the move was intended
to give Samantha Marshall, the Antigua Labour Party candidate, an
advantage in the upcoming by-election in St. Mary’s South.

The pineapple fields were abandoned and have become overrun
with bush and shrubbery over the past several years – even during
Marshall’s tenure as the minister of agriculture. 

But now that moves are being made to cultivate the famous fruit,
Wehner says the people – in particular, the constituents of St. Mary’s
South – must not believe that pineapples will be ready for harvest by
October,  when the by-election is expected to be held. 

Pineapples take quite a long time to grow to the point of harvest –
reportedly two years. So Wehner says that current Agriculture
Minister Paul “Chet ” Greene should stop trying to deceive the